FAL Propellers are proud of the way they repitch a propeller.

95% of our repitchings are done on the FAL repitching table which we invented and allows us to repitch a propeller without changing the blade profile … no bending up and down the edges at FAL!

5% of our repitching is done with cupping of the trailing edge.  This is only used for very minor repitching of less than 1.5 inches

Place a flat edge across your blade.  There should be very little fall off the edge.

The edge should be cupped up slightly giving the blade a saucer type edge of a happy smile profile.  Unhappy smile profiles are not good.

The most we have successfully repitched was 22 inches .. imagine a 40 inch pitch propeller moving to 62 inches of pitch.

These types of repitchings though are rare.  Our average on larger props would be 8 inches, smaller ones 3 inches.

Repitching a propeller depends on metal material and condition and also the size of propeller.

FAL can’t repitch a 15 inch diameter by 10 inch pitch prop to 30 in pitch as the size restricts this being successful.  But it could maybe be moved to 20 inches with a certain degree of success.