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FAL Propellers has the largest stock of new propellers in the UK and with a guaranteed next day delivery service.  To view our new propellers click here.

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Oil rig propellers from FAL Propellers UK

Third generation 50 year experience propeller company providing a propeller repair service to the fishing fleet, oil industry, yachting and food service industry

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FAL Propellers provide a unqiue propeller sizing service to ensure maximum speed and fuel efficiency for only £5.

Forget the rest . . . come to the best!

F A L Propellers have been serving the marine industry for over 50 years.  During this time our skilled workforce has repaired over 34,000 propellers, from fishing vessels, work boats, oil rigs and pleasure craft.

We also have manufactured and supplied thousands of new propellers, stern tubes, propeller shafts, couplings, bearings, nuts and keys, and ancillary equipment. We supply, modify and repair propellers, shafts and sterntubes and we carry a large stock of several hundred propellers all at reasonable prices.

 We are proud of our reputation for providing a first class service at reasonable prices and quick delivery.

Propeller arrived Monday. |Fits perfectly. Have been told that it is too good for this boatyard and that I should take it home and hang it on the wall!!!!!
Thanks again. Great service.

Hi Frank,just a quick note to let you know that the prop has been a complete sucess.Engine revs well and is not labouring however new prop gives 5 knots at modest revs and easily 6 .5 flat out when needed.Is more efficient than the old by at least 1 knot possibly 1.25 !!!.
Thanks again for all your help and advice at the time…will happily pass your details to other boat owners.

Just to let you know, the propeller you send us has arrived the next day and we had it put on the boat yesterday. We are very pleased and thank you again ! Who would have ever thought you can go and order a propeller on the internet and have it send the next day.
Well, isn’t it great